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If we quench these five needs of a human being it gives us such a stamina to conquer the whole universe. Look at the globe and feel it how mother nature has five wounds into their heart and blood is coming through that hole, we have to mend that heart anyhow, thereafter we will get such power such capability to conquer this universe. Look at this, this is the small piece of land called the heaven of this earth, Switzerland. He has given the direct democracy to it and created the black hole of the black money for capturing the whole human civilization but the god of black hole has made this all a game of chess and they are playing with the needs of human being, because they don’t want a human civilization on this planet. We have to know the needs of human beings, how we can get the whole universe as a conqueror. The rulers always make explosive, lethal weapons, all sorts of destructive things. The ninety-five percent of the world right now is go in vain due to this black hole, only five percent is rest. If we don’t understand this problem the rest five percent will also go in vein, due to this black hole of this god. So, we have to think of this life and the man.


How we get feeding? Nearly 5000 rupees to each person can quench their appetite of the human-being, a little cut of the whole destructive budget can suffices the feed of human being if you feed the human-being, if the man is well-fed nobody wanted to be a human bomb. The human-being think about a good life, a good find, not to be a human bomb and explode. All the irritation of this world society, will be gone suddenly, so, quench the humanity it needs few money and your explosive budget is very huge who needs this explosive materials this lethal weapons. If there is no irritation in this society, we don’t require any safety majors to anyone else.


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