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What is freedom ? Everybody says that there is a democracy all over the world. Is it the democracy? No not at all, if we glued at this point, what sort of democracy has given to the world by the rulers, you find that this is the indirect democracy what we have right now. The rulers rules over the world by the indirect democracy through party system. The party system means an organized power system the party has captured the humanity of the world brutally. One large party moves ones, it expenses at least thousand of crores rupees. For earning this rupees they sell out the ticket and impose some thieves on the people the system has already developed a black hole in the Bank of Switzerland the thieves are snatching all the time the world’s economy and deposited in that black hole this is called Swiss Bank. They have given the direct democracy to this small piece of land for only this purpose. So, how can the man be completed? How can the humanity get momentum? If we want to earn an actual freedom to the people, if we want to be free man it is very necessary to adopt the direct democracy. If we elect our own candidate and boycotted the party and show our independent candidates to the parliament’s way what will be done? If they got that post, they will get our black money back from the black hole very soon. And because they are dependent on the people they never go through the corrupt process of the black money. So, direct freedom- direct democracy is the only solution to get freedom to the people. Freedom is the another form of the courage. We should learn this spirit from Vietnam, such a small country! America is a super power, several attempts were made by America but Vietnam is still free.


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