The nature from which we belong, exist due to five elements mainly. This is also true for the whole universe including our world. Mankind is an example of these five elements. Man the most beautiful creature of nature came into existence to conquer the universe. Why did not it happen till now? Will it continue? No.

The fifth element man has five necessary needs. If these needs are fulfilled, men will establish its own empire over universe being, God himself very soon. But some greedy rulers and mean minded selfish persons, from the beginning played like the game of chess with the needs of human. By humiliation of humanity they turned mankind into animal inspite of God of himself. The Indirect Democracy, the other face of Monarchy had absorbed the 95% of world’s economy, and deposited it in the Banks of Switzerland, where Direct Democracy has applied. This is Black Money.

This way the selfish, greedy rulers made a black hole of black money in Switzerland and left human as an animal and humanity as a matter of Matrix. Today man-made things are greater than man and crushed to sell him cheapest. If the five needs of Human are fulfilled, he will be treated himself as a God and conquer the universe. The monetary civilization will eradicate. Humanity will be the first of all. Men will start to look forward to control the universe.


If a person gets, a grant of rupees five thousand that will be sufficient for him to feed himself. Hunger is mother of most of the crime. Until a man overcomes from hunger, the criminalization can’t be eliminated from our society. We can’t deny from this truth. Each country of world is expanding a major sum over defense. A little amount of the defense budget will be sufficient to eradicate starvation of the world. Human beyond hunger will give a better future inspite of being a human bomb. Ever extremity will last automatically from world’s human society. The whole human society will turn towards humanity. No one needs to feel fear from anyone and become prey. From this, society will establish which will be free from fear and slavery. What will be the use of explosive? Society will take a new position and new direction. Men will be well developed. Society will develop ultimately with a developed new world. The creeping man motivate towards the universe. Every dispute will remove soon. Man will start to come together rather than to fight. For example, the most terrible animal of the forest do not hunt whenever his stomach is filled. And man a sensible creature, if free from hunger will believe in development rather than destruction, and give a right direction to the society. From this a new healthy society, country and the world will arise.

Every person has a right of development. Right of equality is possible only by economical equality. Until every individual is not educated, he will not be aware of his rights, so the birth right of every individual is to get education. There should be facility of free education from primary to the university level for every human. The farmer who is the main source of grain production should get double profit of the production value as he is the key for all lives. Today in any discipline i.e. cast or class, there is no development because what is paid as salary is nothing but beg. That is actually their right. If men are beyond economical right, development is impossible. Development is possible only when every person should have their economical right of equality. Now the question arises what is economical right? If any establishment has a profit as rupee one then the right over the rupee is of workers, the investor and of the government. Today in the whole world, profit distributed among the investor i.e. capitalist and the government. And the workers get salary like beg. From this worker’s development never comes true. Economics says ‘money begets money’, that is not true. Whatever the truth is that without human or worker’s hand one rupee can’t be originated. So the first right is of workers over the profit of one rupee. The salary should be given according to the post but, the right should be given equally to all the workers. The net profit of one rupee should be shared as 40% of workers, 30% of investors and 30% of government. The 40% share of workers should be equally distributed among the workers from top to bottom. Whether the business is of government or of private sectors, this should be followed. The resultant will be the economical revolution in the while world. Production will increase many times and the poor will not remain poor forever. Rich will go for a new high. Because of money, workers will be able to come to the market and can spend on the comfort from which they are not aware. Thus the development will reach to the every corners of the society. The right of equality has taken place. In these days we already heard the economical crisis, by which lower business man or workers were suffered. Most of the men and their achieved development came under dust. But there is no effect seen over millionaires. The real development will come through creativity. For example, a small country Japan is a well developed country on its creative nature without having any lethal weapons, but the countries of the world without taking any lesson from Japan, are going mad towards making weapons regularly. The rulers made world to move towards illusions inch by inch. At last man needs development not destruction.

At present, the ruling system establish in the form of indirect democracy through parties. This is not democracy but a cruel joke or a fraud. Democracy means people first, later the governing. But in democracy through parties, the party is at the top over people and country. So to establish true democracy, party should be banned. A party needs thousand billion rupees to run and face an election. For this they sold tickets, wants to form government any how to fulfill the demand of rupees needed. They adopt corrupt way which gives corruption to a new height. The co-production is poverty, starvation, and crisis. People will disbelieve in the system. Now anyone ask that what is the solution? The Direct democracy is one solution in which people elect and send a person who believe in the welfare of society and free from party to the parliament. Then the real democracy will come to existence. In this world, there is indirect democracy except a small country of Europe that is Switzerland called Heaven on earth. Switzerland has adopted direct democracy is a big market of Black Money. If the governments of world will not run by the black money of the blacker then the Switzerland will not remain the honor of the black money. If the whole world will adopt direct democracy, the game of black money will end forever. This will establish a healthy economical situation which will root out the poverty. The present crisis anywhere in the world is mainly due to money. Money is discovered for the exchange of services in the society. But due to self governing bodies, money became God. And a few person declared themselves as God on the basis of money. If we want to save the world we should adopt Direct Democracy. Freedom depends on Bravery. We should have to take inspiration from Vietnam which fighted for years with America and remain independent what ever the cost was lakhs of lives. So every party should have to take lesson from Vietnam and not try to feared the people. Freedom is the bright right of a man and no one can snatch it. Every person should have full freedom which will be possible only by adopting Direct Democracy. Today the whole world cries due to political corruption and no one know how to come out. Direct Democracy is the only solution which is not adopting by the present rulers. They made the people to walk on the wrong path. If one denied, he is erased out. Today most of the world’s citizen are well qualified, they have to understand that by parties Democracy never comes true. The real democracy will come through Direct Democracy. Now if the people will not rise then the few rulers will destroy the world. And the civilization depends upon the money will never change into human civilization.

Man have been from 40 lakh years ago. Here is a question, ‘ Who came first Man or Religion ? ‘, The simple answer is Man. Religions are taken place due to Man for his spiritual hunger time to time. What ever the truth is, the Birth and Death of men are same. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the atmosphere is one. Due to geographical condition, the languages, feeding, color and dresses are different. From the begining, religion is the weapon of the rulers. Most of the bloody events take place due to religion. A child by birth is the face of God which tags to religion by the society. He believes in that religion which is disclosed to him by the society where he took birth. To be a complete man, Humanity is the greatest religion among all faith or religion. The creation of religions is only means for joining people together and establishes social structure. You should give first priority to humanity, why not you already believe in your religion. For example, Bible says “Earth is the center of universe.” Man is the emperor of this universe. He has taken birth to rule over the universe. Quran says, “A man should have complete honesty” It means “God is one”. Without faith you can’t achieve anything and with your believe you will get everything. Bodhi Sahitya Tripitak disclosed the importance of Balance in life. We should adopt equality in life. Sorrows of the life can be removed by patience and balance. Geeta says “God is within you”. In another words, Man is the god of himself. Wor is worship, because as you sow as you reap. Every person has to take care of his duty. Humanity says, it is better to make laugh to a child rather than to go to a church, a temple or mosque. In true value, the child is the god. Every person starts his life in the stage of child to adult and to old. How much money has been spent over religion god knows. If these were spend against poverty what would happened? If we do so we feel god within ourselves. Today the whole world knows the problem of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Most of the Muslim’s population lives here. They continuously fight each other from centuries. The politicians and the dharma guru make them quarrel and saved themselves behind the events. Think for a moment, if politicians can live safely why not common people do so. A time was when India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were one. Their integrity was broken by some selfish politicians for their politics. If these unite once again like Germany they will be at the top of developed country. Unity has a great power. If the people of the world assembled together, it only takes a decade to conquer the Universe.

The universe is the creation of nature. Our Earth is very small part of the universe where lives are in existence. Without this beautiful, green earth we can’t imagine mankind. So our first duty is to save the earth, our Homeland. Men generally exploit the Earth frequently. For example, men used atomic, biological and so many explosives over the earth within 5 decades and liked to be call as the ruler of the earth. In fact, they are the suckers. Today whole world became aware of global Warming. Think that the earth, the ozone layer, the atmosphere is only one. If we continuously pollute in this way, the effect will come to the whole world, so somewhat before or later. Women are also like nature. We can’t dream about life without women. Because she gives birth to us, feed us and supports in adolescence as a partner and to establish family which form society. When we get old she serves us, as a daughter or daughter in law. It shows that without women we can’t exist. So first you give her respect, defend her, and give credit to her for all that enjoyment which came true due to her. But the condition is opposite to this. We are injust to women and nature. We have to take care that women are not a means of enjoyment but a matter of pride. To get respect from women, men will have to free from proud. Without strong character, man cannot be able to get respect from her. Hindu’s God Shiva shows the real respect about women who honored with a name ‘Ardh Nareswer’


” I want to tell to the rulers of the world from the desk of VMJM that if they are not from black money marketeer they have to declare their name and return the money to that country from where it has been stolen. Otherwise, people believe that you are also a key of Black Money. If the people of world will not step out, then 5% white money will also disappeared in the black hole of the black money and the rulers will become immortal. “

Robots will work instead of human and drive the world like sky net of Terminator. Now you decide where you want to go. To go on the path of development which open the door of heaven before you, or to inching towards the edge of destruction where, there is only Hell.



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