If we quench these five needs of a human being it gives us such a stamina to conquer the whole universe. Look at the globe and feel it how mother nature has five wounds into their heart and blood is coming through that hole, we have to mend that heart anyhow, thereafter we will get such power such capability to conquer this universe. Look at this, this is the small piece of land called the heaven of this earth, Switzerland. He has given the direct democracy to it and created the black hole of the black money for capturing the whole human civilization but the god of black hole has made this all a game of chess and they are playing with the needs of human being, because they don’t want a human civilization on this planet. We have to know the needs of human beings, how we can get the whole universe as a conqueror. The rulers always make explosive, lethal weapons, all sorts of destructive things. The ninety-five percent of the world right now is go in vain due to this black hole, only five percent is rest. If we don’t understand this problem the rest five percent will also go in vein, due to this black hole of this god. So, we have to think of this life and the man.


How we get feeding? Nearly 5000 rupees to each person can quench their appetite of the human-being, a little cut of the whole destructive budget can suffices the feed of human being if you feed the human-being, if the man is well-fed nobody wanted to be a human bomb. The human-being think about a good life, a good find, not to be a human bomb and explode. All the irritation of this world society, will be gone suddenly, so, quench the humanity it needs few money and your explosive budget is very huge who needs this explosive materials this lethal weapons. If there is no irritation in this society, we don’t require any safety majors to anyone else.

We always see in this society that people work hard and harder, eight hours to eighteen hours, but can’t get the development why? Why it happens in our life, because the rulers never give the actual right to the people. They always say “feed the people feed the people” but never doing like this. The well to do people like doctor, engineer, professor, they also just living and at the first stage they just quench or feed their themselves. They are not achieving more than that, why? They also don’t get the real right. Now question arises “Can money begets money” No. Only man begets money. This theory is quite wrong! If any business concerns and any institution can get one rupee benefit it is due to their worker’s hard labor. So, the first and foremost right over the profit should be given to the workers of that institution. It is ok that you should fix the salary according to the capability of the workers, but the right should be given equally to all the workers. Now the question arises what is right, how much we can give? The 40% of 1 rupees profit is the actual right of that workers, and the 30 % of the benefit given to the investors and the rest 30% you give to the government to maintain the countries’ need or world’s need. If it happens, all around the world it comes economic revolution, because when the common people got or earned their right, they will going to start their life freely and they buy all sorts of accommodations, very soon all the money will get back to the market and one desire come to the heart of the human being that he has to earn more and more rupees and the production will increase many more times by the hard team work. So, if you have given the 40% of the benefit, the whole economic system will get some excellent momentum. The rulers of the world, cries economic crises, what is this? If it is economic crises then its impact should be on the same amount at the all business personals or the business groups! Is it happened? No, not at all. Because some big business groups has imposed this economic crises on the small type of business man. For instance, if we look on this society, then we find there all middle class of business man has been done in this crises, but all the large groups is just stand still , there is no any side effect of a economic crises, we can see over the large group of business of this world. So, what does it mean? It means only that some ruler of the world, some capitalists together imposed these economic crises because of some bad intensions they want to destroy the people who has got the good position by their hard labor and the generation to generation workout, they were all go in vain due to imposed economic crises. They are done up and you can see everywhere that the middle class of the business groups are on the road right now and begging. They are compelled to beg due to this imposed economic crises. And what about the large business group, they are stand still they don’t have any side effects of economic crises. I want to ask one question to all the rulers of the world that if they are not the god of black money’s heaven, why don’t one of them will disclose the secret of the black hole? Why don’t one of them tells the whole world about the names behind that black money? So, if it will not be done by the rulers you the people of the world be aware, you have to think, you have to understand that they all are the god of the black heaven of their black money. So, if you can’t get alert this time you could not achieve the life, you could not achieve the completion of the man and you could not be the universe conqueror. We have to learn to awake as a economical power like Japan. Japan is a very small country and Japan did not do any destructive activities and it never constructed any lethal weapons or other equipments of battle. Inspite of that by dint of their constructive works it rocks. Japan holds second economical position out of the world at his time.

What is freedom ? Everybody says that there is a democracy all over the world. Is it the democracy? No not at all, if we glued at this point, what sort of democracy has given to the world by the rulers, you find that this is the indirect democracy what we have right now. The rulers rules over the world by the indirect democracy through party system. The party system means an organized power system the party has captured the humanity of the world brutally. One large party moves ones, it expenses at least thousand of crores rupees. For earning this rupees they sell out the ticket and impose some thieves on the people the system has already developed a black hole in the Bank of Switzerland the thieves are snatching all the time the world’s economy and deposited in that black hole this is called Swiss Bank. They have given the direct democracy to this small piece of land for only this purpose. So, how can the man be completed? How can the humanity get momentum? If we want to earn an actual freedom to the people, if we want to be free man it is very necessary to adopt the direct democracy. If we elect our own candidate and boycotted the party and show our independent candidates to the parliament’s way what will be done? If they got that post, they will get our black money back from the black hole very soon. And because they are dependent on the people they never go through the corrupt process of the black money. So, direct freedom- direct democracy is the only solution to get freedom to the people. Freedom is the another form of the courage. We should learn this spirit from Vietnam, such a small country! America is a super power, several attempts were made by America but Vietnam is still free.

In the evolution period people think about the whole human being and had given a complete religion but in the course of ruling. The rulers has divided the religion, because if the religion has divided the people have already will divide in the segment so, to rule over the world society the rulers has segmented all the religions. If we think deeply over humanity we simply find it, truth is very simple to here, truth is very simple to understand. The whole universe is one, the sky is one for human being, the earth planet is one for the human being, the atmosphere is one, the ozone layer is one so, how can we be separated to each other, how is it possible? Our skin, our color, our tongue our language is some what different, because of some geographical region, but the need of human, a process of going and coming is the same, so, all the human being are the same, so, the religion should be same. If we attach all the religious book to each other, than we get the proper vision, only then otherwise not. For instance Bible speaks that “ the world is the center of the universe and the man is the real king of the universe so, we should never abandon this truth.” Quran Sharif tells about “the complete faith on god. Without faith you can do nothing, with complete faith you can achieve anything else” So, without Quran Sharif’s advice, the complete faith, we can’t walk over this great journey of the universe conquer. Budha Pitak tells that “the discipline is how much needed for the human life”, we have to chariot over the sense, we have to do proper contribution to the life, the balance is much more needed to achieve anything else. Shrimad Bhagwat Gita teaches us that, “The Work is the prime thing and the god is within you, So, Man is himself the God, But we have to recognize our work.” So, we get the proper vision of whole truth going through all the religions combined. So, we can’t separate all the religions all the people of the universe or world we can say, but the rulers only for their selfish intension to rule over the world has segmented. For instance you look at the India and Pakistan, what were they done in the past, and what are they doing? 20 crores Muslims are living safely in India. Pakistan and Bangladesh if we attach, both of the people we can get lump sump 20 crores , so, if 20 crores of Muslims are safely leaving in India, why don’t the whole Muslim community of Pakistan and Bangladesh together? So, it is only because of the political interference. Even we can see the political leaders are quite safe and feel themselves up above the religion. They don’t adopt religion for their life, what they have given to the world, so, just see and understand they have given the separate religion to rule over we people. We don’t understand these things then we can’t get the proper life.

Nature means mother earth and the another meaning is women, Mother nature has given all sorts of accommodation to living life, alike, women has also given the birth and the accommodation to lead the life. But the rulers has exploited both of them, they have made a world of misconception which we call illusion civilization. They all the time experimented, they all the time doing disastrous activities like a atomic research, atomic rehearsals, radioactive substances produces chlorofloro carbons are badly used, it badly hampers the nature. And what they had done in the past! they had made the women a thing of sell and buy, when some people, some how got the fifth position in their life they have merged them in their black heaven . They give them intoxicating drugs, women, wine, in the bad form, in the form of illusion, and people get lost from getting all sorts of illusions. So, we have to immerge as a complete man, we have to think properly over the women over the nature , we can’t do anything bad to the nature because we are not separated from the nature, everything directly come to us. We are half part and the women is the another half part , we have to understand the value and the need of the women , Women is the matter of just, mater of pride, matter of respect, this is not the matter of sell and buy. If you want to be a complete man, if you want to be a universe conqueror, we have to adopt such type of attitude towards nature and women. Women is pride because of their contribution, women gives birth to a man and thereafter she nourishes our need being a wife, she try to give relaxation being a daughter or daughter in law. So, in every part of human life the women is praised and needed. So, we have to make our character through discipline through learning and we have to gain some purusharth in hindi. Thereafter we get the nature and the women and be completed to conquer the whole universe, after facing such types of calamities, if we don’t take any astern steps towards the life, one day the whole economy the whole world will be vanished in the black hole of the black money. The god of illusion civilization, got immortal by human cloning, and the sensitive robots will be taken the part of human being and all human species will be out of race one day. Childhood is the first stage of human life and these are the human saplings so, if we want to be a universe conqueror then we have to nourish these human saplings. We have to look into the childhood and think about that what we have got from the society and what we are going to give these children…?



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