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Nature means mother earth and the another meaning is women, Mother nature has given all sorts of accommodation to living life, alike, women has also given the birth and the accommodation to lead the life. But the rulers has exploited both of them, they have made a world of misconception which we call illusion civilization. They all the time experimented, they all the time doing disastrous activities like a atomic research, atomic rehearsals, radioactive substances produces chlorofloro carbons are badly used, it badly hampers the nature. And what they had done in the past! they had made the women a thing of sell and buy, when some people, some how got the fifth position in their life they have merged them in their black heaven . They give them intoxicating drugs, women, wine, in the bad form, in the form of illusion, and people get lost from getting all sorts of illusions. So, we have to immerge as a complete man, we have to think properly over the women over the nature , we can’t do anything bad to the nature because we are not separated from the nature, everything directly come to us. We are half part and the women is the another half part , we have to understand the value and the need of the women , Women is the matter of just, mater of pride, matter of respect, this is not the matter of sell and buy. If you want to be a complete man, if you want to be a universe conqueror, we have to adopt such type of attitude towards nature and women. Women is pride because of their contribution, women gives birth to a man and thereafter she nourishes our need being a wife, she try to give relaxation being a daughter or daughter in law. So, in every part of human life the women is praised and needed. So, we have to make our character through discipline through learning and we have to gain some purusharth in hindi. Thereafter we get the nature and the women and be completed to conquer the whole universe, after facing such types of calamities, if we don’t take any astern steps towards the life, one day the whole economy the whole world will be vanished in the black hole of the black money. The god of illusion civilization, got immortal by human cloning, and the sensitive robots will be taken the part of human being and all human species will be out of race one day. Childhood is the first stage of human life and these are the human saplings so, if we want to be a universe conqueror then we have to nourish these human saplings. We have to look into the childhood and think about that what we have got from the society and what we are going to give these children…?


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