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In the evolution period people think about the whole human being and had given a complete religion but in the course of ruling. The rulers has divided the religion, because if the religion has divided the people have already will divide in the segment so, to rule over the world society the rulers has segmented all the religions. If we think deeply over humanity we simply find it, truth is very simple to here, truth is very simple to understand. The whole universe is one, the sky is one for human being, the earth planet is one for the human being, the atmosphere is one, the ozone layer is one so, how can we be separated to each other, how is it possible? Our skin, our color, our tongue our language is some what different, because of some geographical region, but the need of human, a process of going and coming is the same, so, all the human being are the same, so, the religion should be same. If we attach all the religious book to each other, than we get the proper vision, only then otherwise not. For instance Bible speaks that “ the world is the center of the universe and the man is the real king of the universe so, we should never abandon this truth.” Quran Sharif tells about “the complete faith on god. Without faith you can do nothing, with complete faith you can achieve anything else” So, without Quran Sharif’s advice, the complete faith, we can’t walk over this great journey of the universe conquer. Budha Pitak tells that “the discipline is how much needed for the human life”, we have to chariot over the sense, we have to do proper contribution to the life, the balance is much more needed to achieve anything else. Shrimad Bhagwat Gita teaches us that, “The Work is the prime thing and the god is within you, So, Man is himself the God, But we have to recognize our work.” So, we get the proper vision of whole truth going through all the religions combined. So, we can’t separate all the religions all the people of the universe or world we can say, but the rulers only for their selfish intension to rule over the world has segmented. For instance you look at the India and Pakistan, what were they done in the past, and what are they doing? 20 crores Muslims are living safely in India. Pakistan and Bangladesh if we attach, both of the people we can get lump sump 20 crores , so, if 20 crores of Muslims are safely leaving in India, why don’t the whole Muslim community of Pakistan and Bangladesh together? So, it is only because of the political interference. Even we can see the political leaders are quite safe and feel themselves up above the religion. They don’t adopt religion for their life, what they have given to the world, so, just see and understand they have given the separate religion to rule over we people. We don’t understand these things then we can’t get the proper life.


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