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We always see in this society that people work hard and harder, eight hours to eighteen hours, but can’t get the development why? Why it happens in our life, because the rulers never give the actual right to the people. They always say “feed the people feed the people” but never doing like this. The well to do people like doctor, engineer, professor, they also just living and at the first stage they just quench or feed their themselves. They are not achieving more than that, why? They also don’t get the real right. Now question arises “Can money begets money” No. Only man begets money. This theory is quite wrong! If any business concerns and any institution can get one rupee benefit it is due to their worker’s hard labor. So, the first and foremost right over the profit should be given to the workers of that institution. It is ok that you should fix the salary according to the capability of the workers, but the right should be given equally to all the workers. Now the question arises what is right, how much we can give? The 40% of 1 rupees profit is the actual right of that workers, and the 30 % of the benefit given to the investors and the rest 30% you give to the government to maintain the countries’ need or world’s need. If it happens, all around the world it comes economic revolution, because when the common people got or earned their right, they will going to start their life freely and they buy all sorts of accommodations, very soon all the money will get back to the market and one desire come to the heart of the human being that he has to earn more and more rupees and the production will increase many more times by the hard team work. So, if you have given the 40% of the benefit, the whole economic system will get some excellent momentum. The rulers of the world, cries economic crises, what is this? If it is economic crises then its impact should be on the same amount at the all business personals or the business groups! Is it happened? No, not at all. Because some big business groups has imposed this economic crises on the small type of business man. For instance, if we look on this society, then we find there all middle class of business man has been done in this crises, but all the large groups is just stand still , there is no any side effect of a economic crises, we can see over the large group of business of this world. So, what does it mean? It means only that some ruler of the world, some capitalists together imposed these economic crises because of some bad intensions they want to destroy the people who has got the good position by their hard labor and the generation to generation workout, they were all go in vain due to imposed economic crises. They are done up and you can see everywhere that the middle class of the business groups are on the road right now and begging. They are compelled to beg due to this imposed economic crises. And what about the large business group, they are stand still they don’t have any side effects of economic crises. I want to ask one question to all the rulers of the world that if they are not the god of black money’s heaven, why don’t one of them will disclose the secret of the black hole? Why don’t one of them tells the whole world about the names behind that black money? So, if it will not be done by the rulers you the people of the world be aware, you have to think, you have to understand that they all are the god of the black heaven of their black money. So, if you can’t get alert this time you could not achieve the life, you could not achieve the completion of the man and you could not be the universe conqueror. We have to learn to awake as a economical power like Japan. Japan is a very small country and Japan did not do any destructive activities and it never constructed any lethal weapons or other equipments of battle. Inspite of that by dint of their constructive works it rocks. Japan holds second economical position out of the world at his time.


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